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Is Neosporin Safe for Dogs: yellow lab
9 minute read

Is Neosporin Safe for Dogs? Minor Wound Care for Your Pup

Plenty of things might cause minor cuts and scrapes on your dog: Rooting through dense brush, stepping on a sharp stone, or getting whacked by the family cat, for example. When humans experience minor scrapes, we tend to use Neosporin […]

Can Dogs Have Pistachios?
8 minute read

Can Dogs Have Pistachios? Know the Risks

Can dogs have pistachios? While pistachios go well with almonds and the like in a bag of trail mix, pistachios and dogs do not mix. One thing to know about pistachios is that they are very high in fat. While […]

Do dogs sweat? Two black dogs pant while sitting by river
9 minute read

Do Dogs Sweat? How Your Canine Friend Cools Off

When you exert physical effort, your body produces sweat. As sweat on your skin evaporates, it helps cool your body down. It’s a natural part of life for humans, but what about our canine companions? How exactly do dogs cool […]

How to trim dog nails
8 minute read

How to Trim Dog Nails With Confidence

Trimming your dog’s nails can be an unnerving task. If you are a pet parent lucky enough to have an active dog whose nails file down naturally from running around on hard surfaces, you don’t have to worry about clipping […]

can dogs get pink eye
9 minute read

Can Dogs Get Pink Eye? Exploring Conjunctivitis in Dogs

You’ve probably heard of pink eye before, and you may have even suffered from it yourself or know someone who has dealt with the problem. It’s a relatively common ailment among humans, but did you know that your dog can […]

Why do dogs lick? Dog with its tongue out
8 minute read

Why Do Dogs Lick? How to Kick This Slobbery Habit

Dogs lick. It’s what they do! Dogs lick themselves, they lick other dogs, and they lick their humans. Dog licking is a common behavior that is not always an immediate cause for concern, but it is important to know what […]

9 minute read

Benadryl for Dogs: Use, Dosage, and Alternatives

If your dog suffers from allergies or has an allergic reaction to something around them, the solution can often be found in your own medicine cabinet or your neighborhood drugstore. Benadryl, also known as diphenhydramine, the active ingredient, is an […]